Better voice recordng and logging---with a complete range of passively or actively tapping categories, Cepoint products are compatible with all diverse interfaces, such as IP, T1, E1, Analog, PCM, Radar wireless etc. Also, the rugged 19” rackmount compact size makes it easily installed into compact server center.



Cepoint DmVOR-32/64/128




Digital Call Recording


Analog Recording


  • 19” Rackmount form factor
  • Up to 128 channels can be configured
  • High-impedance passive monitoring
  • RAID 0, 1(mirror), 10 capable
  • 7” front panel LCD display w/touch screen
  • Removable data storage module

The DmVOR is specially designed for worldwide analog and digital interfaces for its high compatibility with international telephony environments.

The well established DmVOR series supports all analog and digital interfaces, and can easily be configured to connect with diverse analog and digital networks worldwide. With passive and trunking interface capacities, it features programmable voltage thresholds, loop polarity reversal and multiple event triggers. The DmVOR series provides a range of options, including Analog, Digital, IP selectable interfaces and huge versatility. Used by the leading call recording solution providers since 1996, the DmVOR series has been optimized to fit the toughest demands and hyper competitive environments with its matchless cost advantage and outstanding robustness.

Specifically, with on-board advanced DSP algorithm and DMA processing capability, the DmVORseries helps minimize the consumption of host CPU resource and outperforms all comparable products in the toughest application scenarios, including better performance and higher scalability up to 256-channels simultaneous call logging. As a modular structure, the DmVORseries can be customized to provide 256, 128, 32, 16, 8 channels (per system) ideal for small offices to large call centers. Many developers worldwide have depended on the DmVORseries to create robust and high capacity systems in central office and Telco environments.

The DmVORseries leverages multiple dedicated DSP chipsets (not host processor resource), to process a range of high-ratio compressions, including license-free G.729 and GSM. This robust architecture releases host processors from overloading and assures efficient data storage and high reliability for data transmission in the most difficult situations.

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Detect Polarity Reversal
Adapt to environments where Tip and Ring are reversed. Minimum 10k Ohm AC Impedance/2M Ohm DC Impedance With no conversation interruption, high impedance receivers record both sides of a call.
Support Direct Windows WAV Format
Data is stored in WINDOWS WAV format directly, and can be played out by the sound card with no format conversion.
On-Board Audio Jack and Microphone Connector
Monitor all channels in real-time or playback audio files by on-board audio jack resources.
High-Impedance Analog Line Tap
Cepoint designs all kinds of analog and digital voice recorders (up to 256 ports) ideal for any analog or digital environment, widely used small-to- large scaled systems, call recording systems, call center monitoring, and microphone recording, etc.
In-house Unified API (SHCTI)
A single protocol-independent API, which minimizes the processing overhead on the system CPU by executing protocols only on DSP and unifies application development across all Cepoint’s product series, including USB series products.
Tap Environment
With 8 to 256 channel concurrent capacity, the DmVOR adapts to low or high density applications. The unified API supports a total of 256 ports per system. In any analog environment, DmVOR can work well as tapping point between office and PBX, office and phones, PBX and phones and any other analog or dital audio signals.
Worldwide Analog and digital Support
DmVOR supports passive call recording on groundstart and loopstart analog networks. Features such as programmable voltage thresholds, voltage detection, ring detection and polarity reversal are managed through unified API, so the products can easily adapt or be quickly customized to variations in analog or digital systems worldwide.
Security for User Software
The built-in authorized code identification circuit is included to provide an exclusive authorization code for protecting users’ software security.

Typical applications for Radio over IP recording

  • Aviation, on-field operations
  • Utilities – electricity, gas, water
  • Manufacturing – plant operations
  • Public safety – police, fire

Turnkey Call Recording HW/SW

  • Telco-grade Redundancy
  • Enhanced Voice Optimization


Passive E1/T1/J1 Recording


  • 1/2/4 trunks (T1/E1/J1) per slot
  • Advanced data processing DMA technology
  • Compatible with various telephony /voice /PBX s interface


Input/output Interface

E1 Physical Ports: compliant with G703, including 75Ω unbalanced interface and 120Ω balanced interface
T1 Physical PortsDSX-1 and CSU line build-outs available for different extents of signal losses, including 100Ω and 110Ω balanced interfaces 

Audio Specifications

CODEC: CCITT A/µ-Law   64kbps
IMA ADPCM:   32kbps
G.729A:  8kbps
GSM: 13.6kbps
MP3: 8/16kbps
Frequency Response: 300-3400Hz (±3dB)
Automatic Gain Control (AGC): -20dB-0dB


SS1: compliant with international GF002-9002 (DL and MFC)
SS7: compliant with Q771-Q795
DSS1: compliant with Q.933
Maximum System Capacity
Up to 128 channels concurrently per system each can be monitored (up to 4 E1/T1 trunks).


DVOR-A/16 -16 channels analog ports
DVOR-E/16 -16 channels digital E1/T1
DVOR-A/32 -32 analog channels
DVOR-E/32 -32 channels digital E1/T1
DVOR-A/64 -64 analog channels
DVOR-E/64 -64 channels digital E1/T1
DVOR-A/128 -128 analog channels
DVOR-E/128 -128 channels digital E1/T1
When ordering or requesting for quote, please use the following example format:
DVOR-A/XX-XX (For example DVOR-A/64-08 where A-Analog version, the first XX-no of channesl, second XX – storage capacity, in this example 8TB
DVOR-E/XX-XX (For example DVOR-E/32-16 where E-Digital E1/T1 version, the first XX-no of channesl, second XX – storage capacity, in this example 16TB
DVOR-AE/XX-XX (For example DVOR-AE/32-16 where AE- combination of Analog plus Digital E1/T1 configuration, the first XX-no of channesl, second XX – storage capacity, in this example 16TB





Technical Features
Name / Description of Equipment Rugged industrial grade professional Digital Multi Channel Voice Recorder.


Brand and Model Cepoint DmVOR series
Country of Origin USA
Country of Manufacture USA
Hardware Base Industrial grade COTS Motherboard or System Host Board. “Intel Core 2 Quad” CPU. 19" wide rack Mountable Chassis with optional LCD touch screen display
Frequency Response 200 Hz to 3400 Hz or wider.
Channel Capacity 8/16/32/64/128 Channels
Fault Alarm Provision of automatic fault alarm with fault detection.
Hard Disk Capacity 4 TB (Terabyte) or more
Data Storage Provision of required recording DVD-RW/CD-RW for minimum 03 month data storage.
Servicing Kit Provision of servicing kit with extension cord, microphone, monitoring headset and any other item required for satisfactory operation of the system.
Security System specific keycode secured from unauthorized access. And administrative password .
Local system control Control via LCD touch screen on front panel and control via optional key board, display and mouse.
Front Panel Audio Control Volume control, headset jack, line out (re-record) jack
Audio characteristics Frequency response: 200 Hz to 3400 Hz
Playback and monitoring Simultaneous record & playback capability. Provision of live monitoring of individual channel or multiple channels.
Search Parameters Search/find out channel name, channel number, time, date, duration, call duration, location etc.
Time synchronization Network Time Protocol (NTP). RS-232.
Optional IRIG-B or GPS time synch.
Digital PBX Telephone Interface Passive recording for a wide range of Digital PBX Telephones by Alcatel, Avaya, Mitel, NEC, Nortel, Toshiba, Siemens and more.
IP VOIP VoiceOIP, ROIP (RadioOver IP)
T1/E1/ISDN Interfaces High Impedance Passive Recording Options (T1, ISDN-PRI, E1, ISDN30, INDN2 trunks). Terminating card options for T1, E1.
Air Traffic Control Interfaces Analog 2-wire, analog-4 wire, VOIP recording interface. T1/E1 from VCS, replay synchronization options.
Power Supply Dual hot-swap, 220-230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Backup Software for the Multi Channel Voice Recorder is to be provided with the items.
Any other facility / provision required for operation of the equipment is to be provided by the supplier.


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